Natacha Rousseau

Natacha Rousseau has worked in Public Relations for the past 15 years in New York City, Washington, DC, Brussels, Belgium and Los Angeles. Natacha has been involved in the tech space since 2008 and has a been named a top tech influencer at HIMMS. Her role as a PR specialist leads her to work with dozens of companies leveraging blockchain and pursuing ICOs. Natacha represents clients in Fintech, Cybersecurity, Digital Banking

She has worked on the Public Relations campaigns for QTum, NEM, Swarm Fund and Sportscastr along with Path Network and Elixxir.

In her free time, Natacha mentors young women business owners and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.


Liz “Lisi” Linares

It hasn’t been a straight line for Lisi. Singer/songwriter, recording artist, and former reality personality (Survivor Fiji), joined forces with Natacha Rousseau to create RousseauLinares, a PR firm specializing in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain start-ups. Lisi blends the worlds of entertainment and technology. The Blockchain / Cryptocurrency space is where she enjoys using her background in entertainment to put people together. Lisi has organized parties and after-parties during most of the major summits and conferences in the Los Angeles area. Lisi has also served as a consultant for social media strategies for companies that apply blockchain technology and are launching their ICOs. She’s been the architect behind many successful celebrity and influencer endorsements. Some of her most successful clients include Path Network, Elixxir, David Chaum, Lyndsey Scott, Eric Taylor “Cosmo the God”